8 Reason Why You Need Have A Pet

I more likly called my pet like a family, some people think I crazy, but those never feel that way or not agree with me, they won't get how much we love them and it's okay! Because have lot more on our teams now, right?

1. You feel loved

They are the angles from the god, they just love you no matter what, even you just blamed them pee in the wrong place, next minutes they will still licking you and play with you.  It's not possible you have a cool war with them.


2. Always have someone waiting for you

You working late, and bring your tired body home, right after your open door, there is a exciting dog / cat is waiting for you, just can't wait to say hi to you, jump around, scratch you leg. There always someone waiting for you. (Don't forget to play with them a minutes. It take lot of energy to waiting for you home.)


3. Bring you a smile

Let's see a video than just a word to describe how many time they bring me joy.

4. You find more new friends

Because of your fur friend you meet more people, and it's much easier start a conversation than others. Join some dog group from meet to meet more animal lovers.


5. Everyday seens meaningful

It's feel good to see a cutie smile right next you, use their wet tongue to say hi to you. Your life gain some responsibility for this amaing life, see the world in the total different way.


6. They are the best teacher ever!

I've learn so much thing from my pet, they always live in the moment and be so postive all the time, be kind to all the people we love, and a lot more you will find out by yourself with your own friend.


7. Great baby sitter

I don't know why lot of people give away their dog / cat when they having a baby, I'm understand some of issue might can change, but they are the best baby sitter in the whole world. beside they can't feed them or clean them. But they do wonderful job of cheer them up, a nice company and protect them in their own way.

Check this video:

8. A greatest loyal friend you ever get

It's not a big news if your friend betray you, and I know that hurt a lot. With your fur friend, they always got you back, and be the most loyalest friend in your whole life ever!


And I bet have lot more good thing if you have a pet, share with us your lovely story in the below.

# Picture source from stock up.