Texas renaissance festival

SInce I just move in Texas 2014, and it's my first time join texas renaissance festival, it's cool and fun! Just feel like back old time!

It's a beautiful day that time! And it's almost end of the festival, so have lot of people that day!

You can get cheaper ticket at Wallgreen, cost about $17~18 dollars per one for adult, you will pay around $25~$27 dollars for adult (I kind of forgot how much is it) and you will see people see some cheap ticket outside of the entrance about $15 dollars, but I don't think is legal so we just ignore that.

Their parking lot charge $10 closer to entrance(It's actullay kind of far still) rest I think it's $2 or $5 dollars, imagine how far would that be.


And you will see people ask you right some question paper to get free gift, which is really cheap towel, DO NOT leave and join them, because I get some scam letter after couple month, they said I win xxxx impossible money, so don't waste your time on it!


I just love all the decoration and people dress up, if you don't have the them you can rent it their, it cost about $30 + per day,  and I think other accessories is extra.



See how crowd it that day! Getting hotter in the noon, I really amaze those people the make up and dress.

Feel like in the other world.


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This is cool, we was try to see the show, but it's getting really hot and I can't stand hot so well, in the end I decide to leave before the show start. (Sorry)

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Really really need to check their "Magic Garden" it's just speachless, beautiful beautiful! I love it!

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And I test my skill …. which is really bad…. (let's just skip it)

14Move to candy shop, get some cotton candy and get some energy for keep moving!


Awesome parade can't miss them!

13 12 11 10Show I see a little bit!

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Hope you are enjoy all this picture, and I will try again this year, but I will prepare all the energy and sum protection!

Their official site!