5 Webiste You Should Follow To Start A Online Business

I want to start a business online long time ago, actually, I have an online handmade business when I in Taiwan, since I move to the US, I lost lot of business, so I start thinking how I can keep my customer wherever I live. Especially First year when I move to the US with my husband I waiting for my working visa and all the process taking so long, all the saving getting really tight, and we live with his parents, that how I start to work on online business, today I want to show you couple website have bunch of juicy, awesome information you should follow, because those help me so much, and hope will help you get your business going to…

1. Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income

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I’ll recommend Pat’s podcast, super generous of all his content for free to help out people want to start a business online. I’ve been following him more than a year now, he show us how he make online business possible, and sure you can too.

SPI Podcast

SPI for a starter!

2. Darren Rowse – Problogger

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Beginning I start a blog, saw a book on Amazon called “Problogger” (affiliate link )and have tons of great review on it, so I bought it to read, it was an amazing for a beginner, bunch of great tips, you can check on his site for free, but I will definitely recommend getting actual copy for sure. Also, you should follow him on Facebook or Periscope, sometimes he have lived stream can answer your question there. Sound cool?

Problogger – Make money | Money Map to get you start it!

3. Digital Marketer – Ryan Deiss

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Want to know what marketing working now, here’s a great place to check out. I join their membership couple months ago, I think it’s about $37 /month, learn so much from them, they also have a really helpful Facebook group for the member, they are all really helpful and a lot of successful people there keep you motive. I will say totally worth the price.

4. Mal Karlik – A prettier Web

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I find her when I tried to find more feminine looking theme for my blog, then see her site from google search, she share bunch of great tips and information on her blog, I love her design, watch her first webinar teach people how to set up a landing page for free, I didn’t think that’s possible, Go check her out.

5. Mariah Coz – Femtrepreneur
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Find her recently from one of the sites I follow, like her small free course, and the way she writes, really helpful tips, a lot of great resource worksheet you can download (need email opt-in) If you want to be a woman boss, a great site to start it.

6. Kimra Luna

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Super super cool girl boss I ever was seen! Really been herself her own personality, She doesn’t write the blog post that much, but she do a lot of live stream on facebook, or webinar, love her live training, it always has a lot of great tips and step by step techy things. Sign up her email list sees her free training you won’t regret it. And don’t forget to join her Freedom hacker FB group, like an online business heaven there, all the great people inside.

8.  Xosarah

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Have good ressource there, I’m recently taking her Mini free course now, and I’m really like it, 

I will update more list if I find something good. If you think this helpful, please click share button to tell your friends! :)) Thanks!