Honest Robo Maxx Vacuum Robot Review

Their so affiliate link in this article, and no one pay me to write this, because I find out too much affiliate promotion article online, so I try to write what I feel so far when I use this machine.

I have two pet, one small poodel and one mix cat, poodle doesn't shed so much, but my cat do a lot, but that's not the one bother me so much, I loose my hair a lot, don't know why it' been like that since I was a teenager, and no matter how I clean, you still can find it on the floor, and my broom alway get my hair, it's really annoying.

I really want get irobot couple years ago when they get really popular, but check on the price is too much I can afford it, so I wait soo long, findally have some company make some simple model vacuum robot I can afford! Yeah!!!

I got it from Walmart, only cost me $49 dollars, free shipping, I did find some bad review from Amazon or other site, but it's only machine I can afford so I decide give it a shot. After around 7~10 day I finally get it from the mail!

照片 2-1 照片 2 

Robot is like a lady bug, quite cute I think.

IMG_8717 IMG_8720

Brush is so easy to put it in, and the dust case it really big, it's bigger than other brand I rearch and I thought.

First time you need charge for 4 ~ 6 hours, and put brush in and dust case in the right place, then it's ready to go.

I let in run in the bathroom, because I keep cat sand in there, I will show you how the result in the end, but just get prepare….

I thought my cat will get scared, actually he like it, I run it couple times, and my cat will stay there and watch the machine run. My cat really afraid dyson vacuum machine, so I really glad he like this one.





Robo Maxx Vacuum Robot Review


1. It's cheap and easy to afford it.

2. The vacuum is not that bad for that price, they did pick up my hair and cat sand.

3. Dust case is bigget than most of brand, can collect lot of dust.

4. It can use water to wash the dust case, but need to completety dry when you put it back.

5. It can run around 45 minutes after you full charge.

6. My cat not afraid this machine, he play with it.


1. It's quite loud if you use with TV.

2, You can get extra battery and accessories later, you need get brand new one if they break, maybe you can contact the company ask them I didn't.

3. They need to charge 4 ~ 6 hours, but it's pretty much the same like the others.

4. Only can use on tile, wood floor, any other kind they won't work.

5. They can get the square wall the dust, because the round shape of the machine.

Here's how dirty the floor is, are you ready?