Handmade Nature dog and cat treat!


Buy the treat from pet store it's easy and some doesn't cost much, but is it save for our fur baby? 

Just a simple ingredient you can make nature and healthy treat for your baby (Dog + Cat), and they will love it!


1. Organic chicken breast

2. Carrot (No need necessary)

3. Oven

4. Pan



1. Slice chicken breast to tiny pieces, if you cut to think will take longer to cook.

(Slice the carrot you can put on chicken also, you can make one orignal flavor, one with carrot.)

2. Put on pan and put in oven for 300 F. for an hour!

3. After 30 minutes check on does it need to longer or it's burning.

(I usually set up 350 F. for an hour to hour and half)

4.Check it is crispy enough, is easy to break it half? If it's not then still have to much water inside chicken jerky, put back inside oven to set up longer.

IMG_4897 IMG_4892 IMG_4890

+In the picture we put some black sesame, that why have some black dot+\

Happy eating, enjoy!