Chinese Style Grill Chicken

I miss hometown too much, so I try my best to make the taste like back home ( <— Taiwan) . So I find this dressing pretty good with the chicken, I don't have extract measurement, I cook quite free style, but you can adjust pretty easily.

照片 4-2


1. Four Chicken Leg 

2. Condensed soy ( I get it from Hong Kong Market)

3. Soy sauce 

4. sesame oil

5. Some water (I probably put around two cups)

6. Brown sugar / Light (If you prefer sweeter taste)

You might wonder why need to soy sauce, the second one taste more sweet, if only use soy sauce will be too salty.


1. Wash the chicken leg first.

2. Put them in the glass or bake pan.

3. Mix all the sauce together, pour on top of the chicken, stir around them and them keep it in the fuge for mariante at least 30 minutes. (But I was to hungry so I skip this part.)

4. Put them in the oven for 400F for 30 minutes first,  if you already mariante them, then you don't need to stir then every 10 ~ 15 minutes to make them more even After that bigger chicken leg inside is harder to cook, so you need to use knife cut to check it. If it's not put back in around 5 ~ 10 minutes.

5. Then you done! Enjoy!

照片 5-2