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8 way to relieve your stress!

Okay I know drinking and eat lot of ice cream is much easier when you stress out, I totally get it, because I did that too before, but I find out it not really helping so much, so I find out couple more way to help me with, I hope this article can help you […]


Top 5 Book Will Change your life If You Read them

Somtime we need a little push when we hesitate about our future, sometime we struggle thing we don't even know how easy to figure out, and we all have the momment need help, that why we talk to people, teacher, friend or professional therapist, but today I want share some of book help me being through lot […]

5 reason why we should start to meditation

You will say I’m too busy those kind of thing and that’s exactly I would say a year ago, because I don’t even think 24 hours is enough for me. I just hoping I don’t need sleep so I can get extra 6 – 8 hour to do something. If you feel same way before […]

10 ways be happier to your life

  1. Smile more When you smile, you looks more friendly and easy to approach, you can meet some friend and bring more good things to you.   2. Plant Bring more green living to your life, they make you more relax, and calm down also, go the market today to choose the one suit for […]