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2014-05-01 11.46.37

10 Reason why you love the cat and why not

Strange things is after you get marry, people start ask us when you guys going have kids, and how many do you guys want? (Specially in Asia culture will happen more often.) And my answer always will be, I already have this Two  perfect fur baby I have. (1 cat and 1 dog.) and I'm […]


Top 10 cutest dog video for this month

You are going to love this all, make you smile and can't wait to share with your friends. Let just put work and worries by the side and enjoy right this moment now. If you have a funny pet, share with us, I'll post on here for everyone can see! 1. 2. 3. […]


15 ways to make your cat love you even more

How to make you cat love you, and want to coudle with you? It's not that hard, believe me I'm been there…..   1. Be honest your feeling Animals are really sensitive, they know are you really like them or not, so be sure when you try to approch a cat, make sure you send it […]