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5 funny dog video for dog lover!

Dog have the bigest heart for all the animal, they always see the good in the human, look at those video will melt your heat. And by the way support the animal adoption instead of buying, you will save life and you're their hero! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. From: Youtube Picture from: 


Handmade Nature dog and cat treat!

Buy the treat from pet store it's easy and some doesn't cost much, but is it save for our fur baby?  Just a simple ingredient you can make nature and healthy treat for your baby (Dog + Cat), and they will love it!   Ingredient 1. Organic chicken breast 2. Carrot (No need necessary) 3. Oven […]

10 cutest dog you should follow!

Hey! why we need to follow them? Because they will bring you smile just look at their picture and video. Last time we got cutest cat online you need to follow and all the dogs are knocking my door complain where’s cutest dog list? I was planing to make it later but I got to much […]


10 way to make your dog happier

I know it’s not that hard to let dog to love you right? Because they have the most precious heart in the world, But we can let our precious to live happier! If you don’t have dog, you can read in HERE. 1. Lot of tennis ball Most of dog love ball like squeeze ball […]


Top 10 cutest dog video for this month

You are going to love this all, make you smile and can't wait to share with your friends. Let just put work and worries by the side and enjoy right this moment now. If you have a funny pet, share with us, I'll post on here for everyone can see! 1. 2. 3. […]