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Handmade Nature dog and cat treat!

Buy the treat from pet store it's easy and some doesn't cost much, but is it save for our fur baby?  Just a simple ingredient you can make nature and healthy treat for your baby (Dog + Cat), and they will love it!   Ingredient 1. Organic chicken breast 2. Carrot (No need necessary) 3. Oven […]


10 cutest cat video you will love in this month

If you like me like a cat lover, then sometime if you had a bad mood, I will check on youtube to find some cute, funny animal video from there and cheer me up! Today you don’t need to find by yourself , we already make it for you! I hope those video will cheer […]

2014-05-01 11.46.37

10 Reason why you love the cat and why not

Strange things is after you get marry, people start ask us when you guys going have kids, and how many do you guys want? (Specially in Asia culture will happen more often.) And my answer always will be, I already have this Two  perfect fur baby I have. (1 cat and 1 dog.) and I'm […]


15 ways to make your cat love you even more

How to make you cat love you, and want to coudle with you? It's not that hard, believe me I'm been there…..   1. Be honest your feeling Animals are really sensitive, they know are you really like them or not, so be sure when you try to approch a cat, make sure you send it […]