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5 funny dog video for dog lover!

Dog have the bigest heart for all the animal, they always see the good in the human, look at those video will melt your heat. And by the way support the animal adoption instead of buying, you will save life and you're their hero! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. From: Youtube Picture from: 


6 way to help homeless animal

1. Share Join some shelter fans page, so you can use your social account (Like FB, Instragram, Twitter) to share their adoption information, spread to the world and help more potential owner can save their live. 2. Make them a collection This is might take longer, not that suitable for some emergency condition animal, but […]


Handmade Nature dog and cat treat!

Buy the treat from pet store it's easy and some doesn't cost much, but is it save for our fur baby?  Just a simple ingredient you can make nature and healthy treat for your baby (Dog + Cat), and they will love it!   Ingredient 1. Organic chicken breast 2. Carrot (No need necessary) 3. Oven […]


8 way to relieve your stress!

Okay I know drinking and eat lot of ice cream is much easier when you stress out, I totally get it, because I did that too before, but I find out it not really helping so much, so I find out couple more way to help me with, I hope this article can help you […]


5 Nature Body Beauty DIY

Last time I share some nature lip balm, today I want to share organic body product we can make at home, and good for enviroment for our earth, and I bet you will love it too. All this idea I collect from Pinterest. And don't forget click the title to link back the original site/ […]


Top 5 Book Will Change your life If You Read them

Somtime we need a little push when we hesitate about our future, sometime we struggle thing we don't even know how easy to figure out, and we all have the momment need help, that why we talk to people, teacher, friend or professional therapist, but today I want share some of book help me being through lot […]

10 cutest dog you should follow!

Hey! why we need to follow them? Because they will bring you smile just look at their picture and video. Last time we got cutest cat online you need to follow and all the dogs are knocking my door complain where’s cutest dog list? I was planing to make it later but I got to much […]

5 nature lip balm DIY for you

I love DIY and some of people love nature or organic product becuase skin type and it's actuallly good for our earth. And Lip balm is easy to make to starter, you can even start now! You can go check on organic selection from grocery store, you might can find some good ingredient you need.  All […]


5 tips of vacation in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Where did I go for this couple day?? Actually no one try to find me….. haha. It's ok I'm still can share with y'all the beautiful trip we take to Hot Springs' Arkansas. It's take about 8 hours drive from houston to there, we take couple break on the way, and feel so good to […]