6 way to help homeless animal

1. Share

Join some shelter fans page, so you can use your social account (Like FB, Instragram, Twitter) to share their adoption information, spread to the world and help more potential owner can save their live.

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2. Make them a collection

This is might take longer, not that suitable for some emergency condition animal, but if you got a chance, and good with graphic, you have more chance to make their adoption picture more interesting, so will have more people to share them.


3. Volunteer

Go the shelter help them out, take them a walk or clean the cage, or help them social with human is all very important, if you are good about grooming, will be great to help them look more attractive for future owner.

4. Foster home

If you own a place allow you can foster animal before they get adoption instead of let them stay inside shelter.

But make sure your pet or you have time for them,  so you will able to help them get alone with other pets or people. 


5. Donate money

This will be a good way if you want help, but you can't help up those option,  find a good organization really help them out, help them get food or medication. You can choose donate monthly or just when ever you want.


6. Donate needs

You can donate some old clothes, sheet some warm material or food to shelter when winter is coming, help them keep in warm in the cold weather. In Taiwan lot of shelter need newspaper, so if you collect old newspaper you can send them out for some shelter, give them a nice and clean place.

Make sure clean them before you donate to shelter, thank you so much!


7. Adoption instead of buying

You can save life, you also can teach people have lof of way of getting pet without spend lot of money to buy one!