5 Good Thing Of O-Cedar Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner

I'm not a clean freak, but my husband have a tiny little bit (sorry, honey) and I drop lot of hair each singl day, not my dog, it's me, and it's quite annoys me, specialty my hair is black, looks pretty groove on the floor. So I need to sweep the flour often to keep them clean, but they get in my broom all the time,same thing like my vacuum machine. Beside clean the floor then got to clean the machine. Okay! If I don't need to work 10 hours a day, I probably wouldn't mind so much, but I find out great solution just couple months ago, and I love it.

It's call: O-Cedar Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner


I boughy it from Amazon, I read the review say only come with 3 fiter, so I bought extra fiter incase I need it, But the package is reallt bad. one of I get already broken.


It's really cheap compare lot of different machine, and they work quite well, surprise me.

Read the manual said first Time use them need to charge 12 hours, and I'm pretty impatient, so. Cheat a little bit, maybe 8 hours and I start to use it.

I was kind of worry my cat will gets scare by machine, turn out he love it, he thought its some kind of bug he need to haunt for. Haha.

I make a little Video how it work and with my cat.





1.Good price for the machine

2. Full charge can run 40- 50 mins

3. Can get lot of dust and hair

4. Pretty quite, so my cat won't get scared.

5. It's only cost $19.99 dollars on Amazon, I think it's the cheapest cleaning robot in the world!


1. Need to charge 4-6 hours for one use.

2. Need to get refills when it run ou, 20 pack for $7.99, not bad price for refill, but it's more easy to buy from online than retail store.

So hows the result, kind of gross, cause have lot of my hair and dust, get ready if you want to look at it.


Then you can throw them away when you done! Simple and Easy!

# All the link on the top it's affiliate link from Amazon.