5 tips of vacation in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Where did I go for this couple day?? Actually no one try to find me….. haha.

It's ok I'm still can share with y'all the beautiful trip we take to Hot Springs' Arkansas. It's take about 8 hours drive from houston to there, we take couple break on the way, and feel so good to get out of the car!

Let's go check in first, we stay in Emassy sweet, it's pretty nice, clean and feel safe to stay in, they have indoor swimming pool, small gym, and free breakfast(that's really important). I like it there, the only thing I don't like is their bed is too small for two people(even it's double bed) and the bathroom van is not that strong. Beside that it's a nice place to stay. (I forgot to say if you live 8 floor, you can see beautiful sence there.)

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What I like Hot Springs is they vintage looking store, building and mountian view(We don't have mountain in Houston, and make feel more like in Taiwan) They have lot of old style looking clothes, childhood snack and you can dress up like old time and take a picture. 

So what can you do in Hot Springs, Arkansas? 

1. You can take a duck tour, see all the town in 30 minutes or longer, you can know here more, and good thing is if you have the duck tour recipet can get $1 dollard off lot of shows! So do this first!

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2. We go check out the Magic Show! It's about hour and 20 minntes, I got to said that guys is amazing, cool show you won't regret. (Price Adult $ 18 dollar, but you can get $1 dollar off if have duck tour recipet)

3. Check out the Wax Musuem, it's kind of creepy honestly some part, but have lot of cool things to look at also. Price $12 dollars, $ 1 dollar off from duck tour. (Take about 30~60 munutes.)

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4. Great place to ejoy your night here is call Five Star Theatre, $39.95 dollars is including good meal and awesome show, and you can choose to watch show only for $24.55. the show take about 2-3 hours long, it's depend on the artist, I'm really enjoy it. 

5. Mountain Tower, If you like to view a whole town from high spot, then it's cool place to check, but the day we plan to go, the weather is not so good, and the staff is really honest to us said "You won't see good view up there in this monemt", So we didn't get up there,  So I can't tell much about it.

The beautiful Scence of the Hot Springs Street

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Beautiful Building

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Food you can eat

Brick House Grill

It's not that far from our hotel, so we just walk there to eat.

IMG_7979 IMG_7981

One is midum rare rib sandwich, and other one is well done tuna steak with wasabi, I love it!

We didn't do that much in there, but I have really good time and relaxing feel, I will love to go back and check again. Also If you want more thing to do in Arkansaa here's free travel guide you can download. Plan earily andenjoy the rest!

I hope you enjoy this post, if you like to say something to me. please leave a comment below, thanks!