5 reason why we should start to meditation

You will say I’m too busy those kind of thing and that’s exactly I would say a year ago, because I don’t even think 24 hours is enough for me. I just hoping I don’t need sleep so I can get extra 6 – 8 hour to do something. If you feel same way before or now then you really need this.

In the beginning I try to meditation, my mind just won’t shut up, so many thing just coming over my mind and taking over. Ok before you are planing to give up it’s normal for everyone, that how busy our mind is every single day, see how tired is that. After couple practice you will getting better and better then you will feel what I talk about down below.

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1. Calm yourself down

My mind is too busy to all the project I plan to do, and I can’t stop it if I didn’t finish, and then turn out I not done anything efficiency. You can’t believe how bad is it, they even can’t let me sleep, just keep on and on. 

The best thing is I find out, end of day I will meditate before I go to sleep, It’s just change my busy mind right away.


2. Relief Stress

People living in such stressful environment now, they ruin our heath and mood all the time. I just eat a lot of bad snack when I feel so stress before, right now I choose the better way to help me out.


3. Taking to inner circle

We get lost a lot of time, come on! You don’t admit it? Like what kind of job I should choose? Should I take that offer? What is going to happen if I do something…..? Those kind of stuff happen all the time just in different timing to everyone. Meditation help me know me know, let me know what I want and what decision is right for me.


4. Peaceful

Stress cause lot of angry mood for me which is I don’t like, and I don’t want my anger to influence to my family or my friends. Meditation is not only help me calm down more and also help me have more stable mood, and I feel peaceful more than ever!


5. Feel good

This reason is easy, meditation just help me a lot with inner circle of myself, and I feel good after each day I meditate, and sometime I can do it longer if I want. It’s like I turn of the button to the world, and focus inside of me, just me!


And right now I want to introduce this app for you guys is call : Stopbreathethink

This app make me start to love meditation and they make it so easy to use, and only take small 5 minutes each time. how cool is that. I will definitely share this app to my friend if they want to start to learn meditation.

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Let me know how meditation help you or how your feel after meditation in the comment, thanks!