30 Day Fresh Pet Meal Challenge – Day1

Hi everyone! Since I read a lot of book to know dry pet food is actually bad for our fur baby, so I start to do lot of research of pet food or meal for my baby girl and baby boy, girl is a small poodle name Popcorn and the boy is a mix cat name Pumpkin. 

They are definitely love fresh food more than their regular food more, same thing like cookie or steak you can choose, what would you choose? And they have been eating same pet food for years, how can you not sick of it?  

Lof of people not agree about this, they don't think they can tell what's different and pet food have more nutrition they need, I'm not going to argue here. but I will sure to recommend you read this book "The Nature of Animal Healing : The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat" (affiliate link)

pet food book

My begining tip is not add any favor, like salt, sesoning…. Just oringinal favor is the best!

Day 1 — Chicken meat ball


1. Chicken breast / or ground chicken

2. Cabbage

3. Small carrot

(it's simple right?)


Sometime I feel lazy to chop vegetable small, so I get a cheap chop machine (affiliate link), make work so much easier, but if you don't have it, you can cut by hand just take longer.

I like to keep the meat part bigger peice than other, size is about their pet food size, vegetable is pretty slices, so they can digest more easy, and I don't put any salt or other favor.

螢幕快照 2015-03-04 10.25.57 PM(affiliate link)


Stir with all the ingredient together, smash then to a small ball, I usally make them about a week amout, so I don't need to worry them.


Back to Taiwan I like to steam than, but in US i don't have steam pot, so put them in the oven bake it, before I feed them I will lose and smash them so my dog or cat won't just smallow a giant peice and get choke by food.

Then I wait till it cold down, than keep them in a container in the fuge.

3 4

See them enjoy their food really make me happy. if you like to share you special pet food tips or recipe, feel free to leave a comment in the below, I promise to get back to you.