3 Nature Bug Spray For You + Pet

Summer is coming, specially this couple day it's raining and get back to hot day, that's the bugs favorite, I'm getting really concern when my pet go out have fun, but I don't want to get commercia bug spray from store, I prefer nature solution for me and my babies, even it did cost a little more, but I like it's not hurting my pet and enviroment.

Here's I find some recipe from pinterest, you can click the title to link back oringnal author, are you ready?

# Notice: Each pet and you have differents condition, please check on with doctor before you tryiing, thanks!

A : 5 Natural Ways to Prevent & Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

Great tutorial and information for cat.


B : 3 diy holistic bug sprays for dogs


C : Homemade flea powder repellent


Beside all this bug spray, couple more thing you need to do more often also.

1. Brush their hair more often

They have special brush for flea, you can try to get it, but I just use normal pet brush.

2. Wash them

I wash my dog pretty much one time per week, I get lazy when sometime is colder.  My dog and cat sleep with us at night, so I want to make sure they are not that dirty. (I didn't say CLEAN 🙂 )

3. Clean House

Bug have specail power can grow really fast and a lot, so vacuum if you have carpet, bugs favorite spot, and use speical cleaner for carpet. I do mop flour often also.

Tell us how you prevent or your special bug spray in the comment area, and we like to share to our reader.