10 ways be happier to your life

IMG_3169  1. Smile more
When you smile, you looks more friendly and easy to approach, you can meet some friend and bring more good things to you.
plant2. Plant
Bring more green living to your life, they make you more relax, and calm down also, go the market today to choose the one suit for you. Remember I’m talking about real plant not fake kind.
You need to take care of them ones per day is better.
3. Volunteer
You probably didn’t realize how good you are, and how much talent you have, lot of people need you!! You can go volunteer in dog/ cat shelter, woman/man/kid organization, lot of place they need more people to join them, and you can do it! Like twice per month or 
4. Having a pet
It’s nice to feel like someone wait for you in the home, and lot of company they give to you, specially they love you all their heart. But remember having a pet is lot of responsibility, and make sure you have time play, take care of them, just think about they like a baby lot of work need to do before you really get one! (And please support adoption instead of buying)
5. Find you interest
Every single one they have their own hobby they love, like I like handmade, photography and lot of other stuff, they keep my life busy and enjoyable, and you can also join some group to meet people like same thing, and have a lot of discuss and share experience about it.
6. Take a trip or day off
Some people like to make busy for their excuse to not going out of town, You need just like take you break of it, enjoy the scene you ride by and see some cool people on the way too. you not a robot machine, even robot need charge their battery to keep moving, this will be your batteries, and you will be addict with this one.
7. Organize
clean up your house, bedroom, or your working place will help you straight your thought also, and nice and neat place actually can help you more focus on the thing you want.
8. Ge rid off your bad habit
No matter what you bad habit is, you might not even realize what is it now but is quite obvious and you just don’t want to admit it. Like me I have bad habit like to stay up late and wake up late, which is really bad for your health and also make me feel don’t have enough time each single day, so I try to make up hour earlier and fix it to be perfect time for me, and I find me more productive and I’m happy in that way/
2012-01-14 16.37.459. Exercise
I hate it exercise before, but I find out my shape is getting wore and I’m getting older at the same time, what I eat is digest much slow than before and more easy to gain some weight now, so I start work on like yoga or aerobic exercise, and I love what my body feel after that, is so relax, keep on your schedule to maintain this will give you more confident for your body also.
10. Eat heather
We love to eat strong flavor food much more this day, because it taste much better I get it. but you don’t know how much more sodium, fat or carbohydrate you put inside you body which is they don’t need and don’t want also, so you need to body work harder to get rid off those thing, then why don’t we eat heather in the beginning and save that trouble to someone else?