8 way to relieve your stress!

Okay I know drinking and eat lot of ice cream is much easier when you stress out, I totally get it, because I did that too before, but I find out it not really helping so much, so I find out couple more way to help me with, I hope this article can help you too.

1.Listen music

Find something you like, rock, pop or some Jazz, sing with it, yell with it, get that bad emotion out of you body.



Get some printing paper if you have sketch book that's even better, get some crayon just draw on top, no matter you break a crayon or what, just keep doing it, it would be better with music on.


3.Write it down

If you good about writing, then this one can help you, write down what you feel, all the thing you want to say but can't say, just put it down there, close it put inside a drawer you don't get them so often, and leave it for a while till you ready to deal with it or you already over it.



I like to do 10~ 30 minutes exercise each day (maybe some day I will skip it) but most time I feel so great after exercise, and you will feel the same way too.



One of my favorite meditation app is Stop breathe & Think, it help me so much to calm myself down at night before I go to sleep, and stable my emotion, you should give it a shot!


6.Talk to friend / family

Find your close friend or family to tell the situation you have, something bother you for a while. Maybe they can figure out something for you, or some time you just like have people can listened to you, some one can support you. Lot of time I speak to someone, I feel so much better in the end.

7.Find something you like

Some hobby can help you get the anger or stress out, like make a pizza dough, you can smash or  throw them around to release your bad  mood, in the end if ou feel like it, you can make a pizza too. (Yum Yum:)

8.Join group

Some time of emotion is over we can handle with, or your family and friends can't help you out, find a professional doctor/therapist is a great way to help you improve yourself, you can learn more of inside of you, and get a better chance to improve yourself.


#Picture from: google search