10 way to make your dog happier

I know it’s not that hard to let dog to love you right? Because they have the most precious heart in the world, But we can let our precious to live happier!

If you don’t have dog, you can read in HERE.

IMG_31461. Lot of tennis ball

Most of dog love ball like squeeze ball and tennis ball, my dog like both, but if I let her choose she will run to the tennis ball immediately!



When they bored and stress, they like to chew it something to help them release they bad mood, so if you don’t want your shoes ruin when you go out, please remember give them a bone to get busy with.



You don’t like to stay in the house all day right, so why your dog like to? Get some fresh air and let them get social, it’s like a heaven to them. Don’t need to be long 5~10 minutes if you are really busy, they will appreciate that.


164444_335720433227194_1023860391_n4. Good food

One of the book I read call “The nature if animal healing” If animal can talk, they will tell you the first thing is “Can you give me real food?” author said. Pet food right now because they make it so easy to  feed your animal, but do you know what is in it? We just read the package said, but is that all true? I will really recommend to cook fresh meat and vegetable for your fur baby, you can cook for a week amount and keep in fudge and freeze to warm up before you give it to them.


5. Spend some quality time with them

They need attention! we need to attention also, so spend some time with them. watch a movie, have a little chat or play little game with them, make them feel special, because they always make us feel so special and nice.


6. Bath them

I know most dog don’t like to take shower, but think about if you haven’t take a shower a month, how you feel about it. If you dog is outside dog like to run around and it’s really easy get germs and bugs on it, and those thing is not good for their fur and skin. I’m usually bath my dog ones per week or two week.


7. Bush their fur

Specially they have long hair like poodle, if you don’t bush them it’s really easy get knot which is bad for their skin. Be gentle with the bush it’s will be like a massage for them. My dog like it and also hate it. haha.


10641300_10203875073051516_571458473105647253_n8.Their own bed and room

What I mean room is more like a cage something for them, we need to respect their choose sometime, they need their moment also, so if they not in the mood to do something, give them a break.


9. Car ride

Before in Taiwan we ride mortocycle or bike, We have a special  bag can put pet inside and also need have leash connect to the bag to keep them save, they love it. They love the wind go by their face and see the world you enjoy also, just make them feel to know you more!


2014-06-02 12.44.5410. Love 

Beside love I don’t think they will even ask you more. I tell my baby I love you all the time. because you are the only one to their world, let them know you love them so mush also right NOW!