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10 Reason why you love the cat and why not

Strange things is after you get marry, people start ask us when you guys going have kids, and how many do you guys want? (Specially in Asia culture will happen more often.)

And my answer always will be, I already have this Two  perfect fur baby I have. (1 cat and 1 dog.) and I'm really have with it right now. I can sais they are the best thing in my life (Beside my friend and family).

How many good thing to share with pet, it can take days, so I just going to cut it short to a list!

Why you want a cat?

2014-05-04 11.56.361. They are indenpent 

They are indenpent, but they love your company also (sometime)

2. They are clean.

They don't  need to take shower that often than my dog, and they take good care of their beautiful fur.

2014-05-22 11.43.153. Good company

My cat will stay up late with me if I need to work late on some project, and she will be quite and laid it next to me, and also he like to laid on my computer to tell me stop working and play with me also.

4. They are hunter

Usually they find some little bug to catch for their nature, so have less bug in the house for me.

2014-04-10 12.47.27-25. They are weird and funny.

Some of their move just surprise you make you laugh all day.

6. Potty training are easy

I get my cat from street, and when we take him home start to worry about potty training, but he just went in the litter box to do it, no need to train for me, Awesome!

17. They are not that sticky

My dog like to stick to me 24 hours if she can, but my cat just see you when he want to.

8. They melt your heart

When they sleep, that pose and expression just melt your heart.

69. They are not that nosiy 

They can be nosiy, but most the time they are more calm than the dog.

10. They entain themself

They are really easy to entain, they can find some bug to play or some pastic bag on the ground to play with.


2013-07-03 11.40.03And Why you are probably not that intrest of cat.,,

1, They are cheap

You need to get them cat tree, scratch pose and some thing help them digest their har, cat litter every couple week(or month) and we haven't talk about medical cost yet.

2014-06-24 12.51.172. They shed a lot

No matter short hair or long hair, they shed a lot, so you will see a lot on your clothes, sofa and floor…

3. Nail and teeth

I'm not support people take the cat claw off just because they will ruin the furniture in the house, that their nature deffense, so I won't like to do that. So sometime you get scratch by them and bleed it's quite normal to see that, but you can train them.

2014-06-19 23.54.354. Their pee and poo poo are stink

They smell really strong, but if you choose good cat litter this problem won't be that bad.

5. They won't listen to you

When you try to tell dog NO NO you can't do that, the dog usually would stop and feel bad, the cat will just walk away, leave you and looks silly. (haha)

# If you want to share your list with us, please comment blew, thanks!