10 new cutest cat online you need to follow

Most of famous cat I bet your guys already know it anyway, so today I'm going to make a new list for yall. After this I bet you will be one of their fan also. here we go!

+ This list is not depend on how many fans they have +

1. Didga

1014327_274583742712505_4415632577206825308_n 1622470_238800502957496_1853523697_o

I love this one too much, check out this video and their facebook, I just wish my cat can be that way too.


2. Taco

10357510_477510905684719_6516946400762620310_n 10614193_477337579035385_3172834506885920039_n

I like the wat he wear tie, he's the most handsome boy in the cat world I would say! 

Check on more handsome picture


3.Millie cat

millie-climbing-cat-craig-armstrong-10 millie-climbing-cat-craig-armstrong-3

Are you a hiker, then you definitely love this one, who don't want have a trip with your fur baby.

4. Oskar + Eli

螢幕快照 2014-08-24 12.23.37 PM 螢幕快照 2014-08-24 12.24.08 PM

Go check on their adroable video when they coudle together, just melting your heart!


10494796_636441603135594_9135789019613846968_n 10568854_650231355089952_3729177783410140318_n

This cat is so special, in the begining I thought is someone use photoshop to make it like that, but it's real!! I'm Unique and I love the way I am. I bet you love me too.

Official Website


6 .Spangles

10354589_682615481773940_7157786349353271178_n 10441264_692486764120145_306067495918539780_n

He has one cross eye, and he was born that way. He loves to go on walks wearing his harness, watch birds, and play with our 2 small dogs, and other 3 kitties.


7. Tigger


I'm follow Tigger from the youtube video, because I have almost same situation when I wash my cat. It's just too funny and cute!

8. Zanda 


My name is Zanda Panda. I am a cat but I want to be a celebrity, and help out other too.

9.Torajiro & Kikuchiyo

下載 846c0831f1d295c024b8c827b1fe54f0

They are the cutiest patner I ever seen so far,  They take a trip together with owner and take lof of cute picture. So stop saying cat won't get alone with dog tho.

10. Kimchi

螢幕快照 2014-08-24 4.58.53 PM螢幕快照 2014-08-24 4.59.30 PM

Like a perfect cat model, everypicture from their instagram is I want it all if they make it to postcard or something, It's just adorable!

# My Pumpkin boy is not that happy he is not on the list, so I put him in here just try to make him feel better (Don't tell him that) But you always my Number 1 no doult!


# All the picture belong to their owner, I'm just want share some cute cat with you, hope can bring you some smile today!

# Please support animal adpotion instead of buying, you can save lof of life! Thanks so much!