Hey guys, I know how acne bother you so much, when I was a teenager, I have a lot of that problem aslo, and I search and ask a lot of people skin doctor to fugure out how to get it better, so today I'm going to show you the way help me out with:

4-exfoliating-new1.  Clean

Keep your face clean, specially you like to put make up, sunscream or other kind of product on your face, after you went outside, your skin contact with lot of pollution, dust, germs all those kind of bad stuff will stay on it. 

Go home wash your face (remove your make out first) and use face wash fit for your skin and wash about a 1minutes ~ 1:30 minutes, gently massage your skin also, then wash off.

+ I will use face wash 2 time for the most, don't over wash it!

2. Keep your skin mosture

After wash your face put some face toner and face lotion to keep mositure inside.

Do you know most of skin is oil and water half and half together? That how they be peace together, if water is less than oil,and oil taking over, and too much oil is easy to stuck on your skin, and then get bad germs on, then pimple start coming out.

3. Protect your skin for sun

Protect your skin for the sun is really important things too, sun can easily age your skin and take out moist on your face, remember put on sunscream on 30 minutes before when you get out, and remember wash out when you done today at home.

下載4. Good diet

Eating health, less fry food is the best thing for you. Don't know what to eat? Start with fresh salad and fruit, and keep away from fast food, chips, they not helping you at all.

And I find out less greasy and fry food is really helpful for my health and skin.


5. Drink more water

It's common sense to drink 2000 c.c right? even the kid know that, but we don't follow, we drink coffe, tea, coke, or wine, you all think that count water, it is contain water inside, but it's contain lot of caffeine or other stuff inside, which is not good for you. Try to drink water most the time and I know it's hard in the begining, but it's really better for you, you can give yourself one day freedom to drink what ever you want per week, most the time please drink our nature and precious water, specially it's so cheap!


sleeptime-uses-your-iphone-to-track-your-snooze-invites--9fe1a51db46. Regular sleeping schedule

Yep, they said the best sleep time is around 9P.M. to ~ 3A.M. You said what? that's my grandpa or grandma sleeping time, my day just going to start! I get it, I feel the same way too. I never actually go to sleep at 9 P.M. anyway, but I will try to go to sleep at least around 11 ~ 12 o'clock.

Because I know after that is really bad for my health and I'm going to get pimple on my forhead more often if I stay up late and don't go to sleep. 

螢幕快照 2014-08-21 5.57.20 PM7. Eat vitamin C

That's the suggestion I get from my skin doctor, so I went to store go ask staff to get the vitamin and they said the same thing aslo, so give me lot of hope up to try it. Vitamin C is not that expensive anyway, so I'm glad I try. they do help me some but you need to give them so time to see the result.

I use GNC Vitamin C that time, just because my family have member there, and I don't think would be different to use other brand. 

+ Don't over eat it, it just will come out for your body and waste it.

(This links is affiliate from Amazon, thanks!)

8. Less make up

Less make up let your skin to breath is much better, what if you are a guys? Wash your face after work out or get really sweating or dirty, but remember use your face wash 2 time for the most of day(mormal situation), other time use clean water will be fine, and get a clean paper towel to dry it.

+ Over wash is will lose your nature skin balance,  so don't do that, please!


9. Stop pick up them and touch them

When I have any acne on my face, they get a lot of attention for me, and my naughty hand just can't help it to touch them all the time, which is not help at all, most the time just getting worse. Do you know how dirty your finger is? We have been touch so many thing each single day, all the bacteria is on your hand most of time.

If you are a guy, stop using your sleeves or whatever to rub on your face (have acne) it's really not helping, please be gentle to them.

10. Meditation

You will think what? what's that do with my skin? I know what you think.

In our life we are so easy get stress about our job, our school or our relationship, we just worried so much and those thing make bad chemical inside of body, and those thing not helping our health and our acne, and I find out when I most stress time, acne happen more on my face and chest also.

I will recommend just meditate 10 -15 minutes per day if you just start, focus on your breathing and stop thinking anything eles, enjoy yourself that time. It's really good for you.

App recommend for starter: Stopbreathethink

# Below is thing help me out with, I'm not a doctor, it might not working for you, so  you should still checking your skin doctor for your situation,  and please be responsable for your own behavior and decision please, thanks!

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