3 Nature Bug Spray For You + Pet

Summer is coming, specially this couple day it's raining and get back to hot day, that's the bugs favorite, I'm getting really concern when my pet go out have fun, but I don't want to get commercia bug spray from store, I prefer nature solution for me and my babies, even it did cost a […]


FPMC– Day2 : Beef Meatball

FPMC–fresh-pet-meal-challenge Day2 : Beef Meat Ball + Ingredient: Ground beef Cabbage Carrot + I find out it's hard to make them in a ball shape, because I chope cabbage to small. Adding a egg will help you to shape them. + Amount : 1 week | 2 meal per day + My dog like it, […]


30 Day Fresh Pet Meal Challenge – Day1

Hi everyone! Since I read a lot of book to know dry pet food is actually bad for our fur baby, so I start to do lot of research of pet food or meal for my baby girl and baby boy, girl is a small poodle name Popcorn and the boy is a mix cat […]


Texas renaissance festival

SInce I just move in Texas 2014, and it's my first time join texas renaissance festival, it's cool and fun! Just feel like back old time! It's a beautiful day that time! And it's almost end of the festival, so have lot of people that day! You can get cheaper ticket at Wallgreen, cost about $17~18 […]


5 funny dog video for dog lover!

Dog have the bigest heart for all the animal, they always see the good in the human, look at those video will melt your heat. And by the way support the animal adoption instead of buying, you will save life and you're their hero! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. From: Youtube Picture from: